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Our Story

It all started when Master Houma Maka, at age 23, immigrated to the United States from Tonga, one of the South Pacific islands in 1974. Leaving behind his parents and 12 siblings, Master Maka began taking Taekwondo in the US as a way to meet new friends and learn English. At the time, Taekwondo was just a friendly way to connect with others and immerse himself in the new culture.

Master Lisa Maka, watched her older brother compete and practice Taekwondo at a young age but her parents did not think she was serious committed to starting. Finally, when she was 15, she struck a deal with her parents to pay for half of the monthly dues, just $10 at the time, and her Taekwondo journey commenced.

At the age of 27, Master Maka was working as a diesel mechanic, teaching Taekwondo and Boxing out of his garage to support his three children, Josh, Daniel, and Rachel. Josh earned his black belt in Taekwondo and currently teaches and lectures on yoga, martial arts, and meditation. While Rachel and Daniel participated in Taekwondo for a time, their passions lied elsewhere. Rachel competed in softball and currently works as an ultrasound technician. Daniel participated in wrestling and the fine arts and now works as a private contractor.

Taekwondo followed Master Lisa Maka her into her college years, where she met and took lessons from Mr. Maka and became friends for many years. During this time, their Taekwondo team spent their weekends training and carpooling to tournaments all around the US.

Master Lisa Maka took 3rd in sparring at the 90' Nationals, with 36 women in the division. Later, she competed in the Olympic Festival and at Nationals again in '92 where she placed 2nd in Forms.

Master Houma Maka took 1st in the Tough Man (Boxing) competition in '82, placed first at Nationals in Sparring in '76 and represented Tonga at the World Taekwondo Games in '77, earning 2nd place. 

When he had earned his black belt, his instructor Master Chang Hi Li, passed the school down to him. Eventually, Master Lisa and Houma Maka were married and had their daughter Sarah and son Jeremiah.

Starting extremely young in Taekwondo, Sarah and Jeremiah earned their blackbelts and competed in local and overseas tournaments. Both Sarah and Jeremiah currently practice and instruct at Maka's Taekwondo. Sarah competed in Sparring in the 2016 Nationals Taekwondo and earned 2nd with 10 competitors in the division. Jeremiah played college football in Minnesota and Nebraska and continues to train and teach Taekwondo.

Maka's Taekwondo instructors has several extremely experienced black belts that also help instruct classes. Master Dennis Fitzgerald began Taekwondo in '85 and Master Robert Kooiman began Taekwondo in '03. 

We appreciate you for learning more about the foundation of our Taekwondo School!

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Free Trial

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Mrs. Sarah Smith at Maka's Taekwondo